Saturday, February 16, 2008

Basketball part 2

If you haven't read the previous post, READ IT before reading this one...just right click and scroll down to the last post.

Now, lets get on with it. Saturday we had our big game 2. After the long and hard practice on Friday, I really thought we'd be okay. Of the 12 on the team, we have 4 good players. I was secretly praying that all 4 would show up on Saturday for the game. No such luck, only 2 of them showed up. The other two, wanted to come but couldn't and the other has a bad attitude and just didn't want to come. Which is okay with me because i'd rather have a team of players with good attitudes that aren't very skilled rather than a team of skilled players with bad attitudes.

Back to the story. We played first. 9 of our players were there, so it was a pretty good turn-out. We played the "purple" team, who I had seen play and knew they were okay. I still had high hopes that we'd be able to play with least stay close score wise. I started Yakira, Tyree, Emmitt, Eric, and Davevontay. Donquilis, TT, Jesse, and Devin sat out first. The first play of the game, the other team scores first. We drove down the court, Tyree passes to Yakira...Yakira (who has never shot nor scored in a game) turned and heaved it towards the basket...IT WENT IN. I have to say it again, IT WENT IN. She went nuts screaming, celebrating...and meanwhile the other team drove the length of the court and scored. Guess who's man scored? If you guessed Yakira's, you are right. I yelled at TT...GO GET YAKIRA. She came out and was like...what? I scored! I couldn't help but smile...but I was so aggraveted...YOU CAN'T CELEBRATE ON THE COURT! YOUR MAN SCORED WHILE YOU WERE DANCING AROUND. She frowned...but then I told her I was proud of her but she has to wait till after the game to celebrate...she seemed satisfied with that. The next 6 minutes went okay. Our team played great defense. They stayed on their men for the most part and on offense, well nothing much going but they were shooting it. Then the second quater came. And it went down hill from there. We started losing our man...forgetting who we were guarding...and just getting tired. By the end of the game...the score was 38-14. Yes...38 to 14. Now, I know what you are thinking, thats HORRIBLE. And it is, but we improved! And, after the game I told them that. I said, we did better and I promise, if we keep getting better every game, we will eventually win. Or at least get close! So yeah, we have ton of stuff to still work on. It is still a lot of fun and the kids seem to enjoy it, even when we lose. Me on the other I do enjoy it, it's just sad cuz I want them to get close at least. Oh well, humility...a lesson in humility.

Here's Yakira...she is still beaming after making her 2 points!